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Terms & Conditions


All packages require a 25% deposit to secure your booking. The remainder of the total is required to be paid before the event date.
Availability and price of additional products or services may vary. 

A full wedding plan with locations, timings, any restrictions and list of people to be included in each of the set photos is required at least 1 week before the date of the event. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they communicate any updates or changes in advance and with reasonable notice.

Nearby parking is required. Parking charges may be charged back to the customer if they exceed a reasonable amount. Travel costs are eligible for any location further than 30 miles from NG244UH, charged at £0.45 per mile. 

I am entitled to a break during your meal or at a time that I decide is most suitable. This is included in your overall time period.

I will retain ownership of all photos taken and the right to use them however I please. The customer agrees to uphold my creative commons on all of the photos.

In the case of significant loss of data, equipment failure, sickness, or inability for me to complete your wedding photography, I will attempt to organise cover from one of my approved photographers. Should this be impossible, I will organise a post-event consultation with the customer to negotiate a remedy. 

Photograph quantity approximations are not guaranteed and your final quantity may differ. 

Should your day run over the agreed time period, I reserve the right to leave the event at the time limit. Reasonable overtime will be considered and significant overtime may be negotiated on the day at an additional charge, to be paid within 1 week from the event date. In this situation I may make you aware you are close to your time limit and may suggest an alteration to your day’s timing so that I am able to provide you with your full package.

Damage to my equipment or property of any kind and by any party, excluding myself or reasonable wear and tear, will be charged to the customer at the cost of repair or replacement. The decision to repair or replace will be at my discretion.

Abuse, harassment, or an unsafe environment of any kind, from any party, will not be tolerated and I reserve the right to end the day early at my own discretion should this occur. Under these circumstances, I reserve the right to withhold all photographs indefinitely and without refund.

Expenses and additional charges may apply where necessary. This includes, but is not limited to: Overnight stays, Meals, Any other forms of travel (Planes, Trains, Etc).

By booking with me you agree to these terms and conditions.

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